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We are EComSecSol Consultancy Inc.

             better known as ECSSC

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What we do

We provide
end-to-end strategic security solutions
for companies, people and non-profit associations
that have or need Information Systems

We provide and assist in
setting up and running hosted information sites,
using open-source services for
Marketing, Communication and Association Services

We offer a complete packaged solution

Services include

  • - On-site consultancy,
  • - remote support,
  • - hosted solutions,
  • - association management solutions,
  • - independent,
    voting and
    survey services

So this is really what we do:

  • - Strategy
  • - Security
  • - Project Direction
  • - User Experience
  • - Technology
  • - Collaboration

The technology behind the Internet is very complicated.

The secret is to take the complication out of it!

It's about making things:

  • - More usable
  • - More capable
  • - Safer
  • - Simpler

And to remove the burden & stress of your non-core competencies.

In summary, then...

We provide strategy & direction
to help do stuff on the Internet
that real people, & real companies want and use.

  • We do stuff for you.
  • And we help you do stuff you don't have time to learn how to do yourselves.
  • We help make stuff simpler, quicker & more secure
Would you like us to help you?