SMB Turnkey Security

Turnkey Security

Protection for Small-Medium Businesses


The Internet offers significant benefits to small and medium businesses, but with it comes many security issues.  From technical issues like viruses and spyware to data theft threats, and even security concerns with your internal staff, layering protection into your current IT infrastructure is becoming more and more important every day.  Large organisations have teams of staff that look after this side of their business, but many small-medium businesses do not have the luxury of dedicated IT departments.

This is where our turnkey security services come in.

We can help you by reviewing your organization’s needs and designing and building a secure architecture that allows you to concentrate of your core business while still taking advantage of the Information Systems big businesses have at their disposal.


Firewalls and Network Security

Stop viruses from entering your infrastructure and start preventing workstation downtime and slowness issues.  We can help pick out the best Firewall solution for your business, getting you the most for your budget.  In fact, most solutions we suggest offer enterprise-class security for a small business price.  Stop harmful intrusion issues before you need to deal with one.  Best of all, you won’t need to deal with workstation-based software firewalls that drastically slow down your end-user’s computers.


Content Filtering

Block inappropriate websites and content from entering your infrastructure.  Our flexible Content Filter solutions can be set up with customized policies that keep your employees from getting distracted with sites that might keep them from working, like Facebook and MySpace, but still allow them to search and browse the web if they need to.  This also includes sites with adult content that is simply not tasteful, especially for a work environment.  Content filtering works in tandem with your firewall to block malware (which is often found on inappropriate sites anyway!) to keep your IT infrastructure safe and secure.


Device Control

No business owner wants to assume that their employees are one of their company’s security risks, but according to studies, 59% of people who lost their job admitted to taking confidential information with them either using CD and DVD media or using USB drives.  It’s getting easier and easier for users to grab files, especially with fast, high-capacity USB thumb drives.  Protect your data from internal threats by blocking access to portable storage media such as external drives, usb flash drives, cameras, mp3 players, and CD/DVD writers.  Give access to only those who need it, so you never have to worry about your business documents getting into the wrong hands.

Remote Access

Operating you office from home?  Do you work on the road and want to streamline your equipment that is needed on the road, yet still have the power of the desktop at your command?   We have a number of affordable yet secure solutions that allow you to access your office infrastructure from WiFi connected laptops, or network connected tablets and phones.  With a system designed and built by ECSSC, you can travel light, yet still have secure access to all the information that is stored in your back office.  Now you too can operate like the big guys, without the huge overheads.